13 Best Headbands for People Who Like to Work Out

Headband for Sweat

It is very satisfying to have a good sweat after you work out for the day, but sweat can sting your eyes, plus it requires you to experience the annoyance of continually drying your face.

Once your workout is over, there is the issue of dealing with the flat, greasy mess that sweat makes out of your hair. That’s why when it is time to work out, it is vital to get a headband that will serve as part of your workout gear.

What is the best headband for sweat? Temple Tape headbands are the best overall workout headbands. They have excellent coverage, with a breathable feature and four-inch-wide bands that are super lightweight and made from stretchy material.

This article will tackle some of the best brands that offer their workout headbands to help alleviate the excessive sweat that can get into your eyes and face.

Best Headbands

There are many accessories that you can get to make working out easier. Workout headbands are getting more popular, as they keep your sweat controlled and your hair grease-free.

The good news is that headbands are coming back into style, and they have received a considerable upgrade compared to the cotton sweatbands of the 80s.

Workout headbands are the new do-everything products. They absorb heat, cool you down, and protect your forehead from the sun’s damage.

They also keep your eyes clear from hair and sweat, resulting in improved vision. This is crucial, especially if you are running near cars or seeing your teammate when you are passing a ball.

Headbands are now considered an exercise must-have, and there are plenty of styles that you can use depending on your hair and outdoor physical activities. Here are our top picks for the best workout headbands on the market.

Temple Tape Headbands

This headband from Temple Tape is known to be the best overall, and that is because this headband offers ample coverage for even the longest and unruliest of manes.

Temple Tape has a breathable design and four-inch wide bands that are super lightweight and made of stretchy material. They can absorb moisture eight times faster than cotton sweatbands.

This headband can easily be folded to match whatever size you are looking for. As a result, it will ensure an excellent fit that will stay in place without being uncomfortably tight.

It is made of non-slip fabric and is available in different colors. Its low profile makes it conducive to being worn under a hat or helmet.

Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover

Halo II has come up with a workout headband that is known to be easy to wear. For a grab-and-go headband, this is a good choice.

This Halo headband does not require any frequent readjustments, and it utilizes a Dryline fabric along with a patented SweatBlock Seal to allow your head to stay dry and your eyes clear from sweat.

The Dryline fabric is embedded with silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, and it is designed to absorb and evaporate moisture quickly.

The interior watertight SweatBlock Seal can channel sweat away from your face and keep the band securely in place. You can get the headband in a pack of two, making it very convenient.

V-SPORTS Dry-Fit Head Ties

Adults, as well as kids, love these V-Sports Dry-Fit head ties. If you are looking to channel your inner Karate Kid, you can try these dry-fit head ties.

The material used in this product is thick enough to be durable but still gives you a slim fit under your bike helmet or hat.

The great thing is that it can fit almost all head sizes because it’s self-tie and very stretchy. Aside from that, the headband is sold in sets of three and has a polyester-spandex blend that makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, even for long periods.

VANCROWN Headwear Wide Headbands

This VANCROWN headwear is probably the most versatile item on this list. It is a 12-in-1 headband that is so multifunctional, and you might use it daily. Aside from soaking up a sweat on your forehead, it can be worn as a scarf, mask, wristband, bandana, or even helmet liner.

These are just a few options, and the soft polyester is very breathable without sacrificing absorption. VANCROWN headwear also offers over 200 design options so that you can pair up your headband with just about any workout ensemble in your wardrobe.

Poshei Headband

Poshei headbands are best if you are looking for a multi-pack and athletes who have a lot of hair and do a lot of exercises. It would be best to have a headband that can keep up with your mane and your schedule.

The Poshei headband is made from polyester and spandex that is stretchy and unbelievably comfortable. The breathable material keeps sweat out of your eyes and can hold back even the thickest and curliest of hair.

This lightweight, one-size-fits-all headband is moisture-wicking and can be wrung out mid-exercise.

Many people love the idea that the headband is sold in a pack of four in different color options, making it an excellent set for users who need a headband every time they go to the gym.

Junk Headbands

When the design is your main thing, you should check out Junk headbands, as they offer a wide variety of design options. If you are tired of your headband getting swiped at the gym because it looks the same as others, check out this brand.

The company uses a moisture-wicking T-shirt material to make a polyester-spandex blend headband that is breathable and lightweight and that keeps you cool and dry. It is a machine washable headband and comes in many styles, from Superman headbands to holiday-themed designs.

Lululemon Headband

When it comes to the yoga wear industry, Lululemon has been dominating for years. Now, this Canadian brand has expanded into every area of exercise.

The company sells various headband styles that will stay in place whether you are doing a downward dog or completing your last set of intense cross-training sessions.

The fabric is odor-resistant, and the seamless design of the Lululemon headband contains a four-way stretch and is excellent at sweat-picking.

One great feature for those who do not want to broadcast their latest workout is that the headbands are made using Silverescent technology. It is powered by X-STATIC, which means that it inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Brooks Greenlight Headband

Visibility is critical for many athletes so that they can be seen when they are exercising outdoors. They need to be visible to other pedestrians, bikers, and motorists. That is why Brooks Greenlight headbands are a perfect fit. The staple neon green headband features reflective strips for added visibility.

The DriLayer also helps to wick away sweat and keep users comfortable, whether running in cool or humid weather.

Not only that, but this green headband is better for wearing in low light, while the UPF 50+ fabric provides an additional layer of protection for your head from the sun’s rays during the day.

Under Armour Mini Headbands

Believe it or not, mini headbands will also do the job, which is why this slim design has an impressive amount of staying power.

Under Armour mini headbands are made from nylon, polyester, and elastodiene, and they help keep hair out of your face without taking up much real estate.

You can get this mini headband in a pack of six, available in different colors. Each headband displays the UA logo and can be worn by itself or with multiple others.

Adidas Interval Reversible Headband

If you are looking for a traditional design, you can check out the Adidas Interval Reversible Headband. It is made with ClimaLite moisture-wicking technology, and it is highly absorbent and comfortable to use.

The cotton-terry blend sweatband will always stay on your head, whether it is holding back your hair or holding back your sweat. This traditional headband is reversible, can be washed in a machine, and is available in different colors to match any outfit that you have. 

Adidas Alphaskin Tie Headband

Another entry from Adidas, this Alphaskin Tie headband is for athletes who have trouble finding a small or big headband to fit their heads.

Most exercise headbands might be advertising their product as one-size-fits-all, but it does not work out that way for many people. This headband is very easy to adjust, is available in six solid colors, and has a two-layered mesh tie that makes it easy to get the perfect fit all the time.

The headband offers excellent breathability thanks to the mesh construction and has moisture-wicking properties. That means its users will stay cool and dry during their exercise.

Red Dust Active Lightweight Sports Band

If you are looking for the best sweat-absorbing headband, you should check out the Red Dust Active Lightweight Sports Band. It is made with an ultra-lightweight fabric and is a very simple and sweat-absorbing headband.

It provides you with a single layer of moisture-wicking fabric to keep your sweat at bay. This particular headband is designed for the kind of high-intensity workouts in which you sweat a lot.

The band is constructed with flexible, stretchy material that is entirely seamless to prevent skin irritation. The design is made to be worn thin, gathered, or even comprehensive, and it comes in seven colors, making it both versatile and stylish.

The great thing about this headband is that it stays in place while holding your hair correctly. It also doubles as an ear warmer during cold weather.

DASUTA Sport Headband

DASUTA offers the best-tapered headband. Rather than one flat strip of material, it has a tie in the back, which means it won’t be as bulky under your hair.

It is made from a blend of chinlon and Lycra spandex that will give enough stretch and tons of breathability. Because this particular product has a very soft material that feels gentle on your skin, it does a fantastic job of absorbing sweat as you work out.

The tapered style features an adjustable elastic band for ponytails, braids, buns, and other hairstyles. This makes it super versatile. It is fully reversible, plus you can get it in a 10-pack with assorted colors.


Plenty of sportswear brands offer workout headbands. If you aim for a stylish finish but still want to get the job done, you can try DASUTA or Red Dust brands.

However, if you are the type of active person looking for the best overall, you can choose to buy Temple Tape headbands. All you have to do is pick whichever works best for you, depending on your taste and personal preferences.

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