Comfortable And Easy Ways To Carry A Phone While Running

Carring Your Phone

It is a common dilemma for many newbie runners in this modern-day life to put your phone when you are running.

There are many methods to carry your phone, and it is not by holding it into your hands as you can try many innovative ways to hold on to it. You can choose from many valuable products to attach to your body or slide it into one of your innovative pockets.

How do you carry your phone while running? You can carry your phone into your shorts pocket, strapped to your arm, in your sports bra, or a secure handheld device. There are also some race vests around your waist with a flip belt and water-carrying backpack.

This article aims to show you some different ways on how you can carry your mobile phones while exercising and doing your extracurricular activities outside.

Best Phone Holder For Running

Many runners like to have their phones with them to track their progress, heartbeat, and sometimes to listen to some music when it comes to running.

Finding the best one can be pretty challenging, depending on your personal preferences. You can easily hold onto your phone in your hand as you run, but that is not advisable.

Eventually, your hands and arms muscles will get tired, and you won’t run efficiently. Clenching something tightly in one hand for several miles can set an imbalance to some of your arm muscles.

It is technically not a good idea, and unless you protect your phone with a plastic back, it will be very sweaty.

Finding a way to stash your phone can be easy as long as you have the proper knowledge, and stuffing it into your shorts is not the answer. It would be best to have a proper solution where it won’t bounce around and stays secure.

Comfortable And Easy Ways To Carry A Phone While Running

There are plenty of reasons why you want to bring your phone to your morning or afternoon run. It is because you want to track your route, calculate your pace, and listen to music.

Running is about being aerodynamic and lightweight. Carrying your phone in your hand does not fit well. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can keep your phone on you without just holding to it.

Here are among the ways to keep your phone on you without holding it in your hand. There are many available pieces of gear and pieces of clothing to try, then determine the one you like best.

In Your Pocket

Probably, it is one of the most common ways to carry your phone while running, and having compression shorts with side pockets will get the job done.

It is not just for women but also men, and the good thing about compression shorts is that they won’t move your phone, and they will stay the same. It has become a game-changer, and if you never tried to carry your phone this way, you are missing it out.

If you are lucky enough to find shorts with a pocket, you are good to go. Just find some shorts with some zippered pockets so your phone can’t move as you move.

Some skin-tight shorts like spandex are less likely to have pockets than baggy pants or shorts. Some biker shorts are made to have pockets at the top to hold your phone.

On An Armband

Armband nowadays can have a transparent section where you can still glance at your screen quickly without any issue. You can strap some armbands around your upper arm and attach your phone to keep it as you run.

You only need to find the right one that can fit perfectly around your upper bicep. Also, make sure to purchase a model that can fit your phone, as some armbands fit differently in some models but not all.

The only issue with this is that you need to watch out for that bad weather because you might want to seal your phone if it is raining.

Armbands are great when you are wearing tank tops and t-shirts. They can be a little bit annoying if you wear jackets or sweatshirts. Just plan what you want to wear.

Inside A Wrist Wallet

This is similar to the armband, but you use your wrist instead of your arm for this particular method. You can zip your phone into this pouch and slide it onto your arm to carry your phone with you.

To get the best experience, you need to find a wrist wallet made from a lightweight material. Try looking for some cotton blend because having it this way won’t weigh down your arms when you decide to run.

Getting a cotton blend will be a great idea if you are worried about tiring your arms with a heavy metal armband. Wrist wallets can also protect your phone from outside elements, so they are better for rainy days.

In A Hand Strap

If you are a runner who always looks at your phone while running, this is probably the best option. Slide one of your phones into this protective case and use the loop on your hand as a handle while you proceed with running.

Just be mindful that even though phones do not weigh too much, adding more weight to one side and not the other can sometimes be irritating and tiring in the long run.

Adding a strap can be easier than holding your phone the entire time. It means that you can relax your hand slightly without even dropping your phone entirely.

Tucked Into Your Sports Bra

A sports bra can also be a fantastic way to secure and carry your phone, and you don’t need to worry about your smartphone falling out.

It would help if you were looking for sports bras with a built-in phone holster to carry these mobile phones in your back.

Just note that a sports bra does not have a pocket, and it is not the best spot for your phone since this can get sweaty or fall out.

On regular occasions, the pockets are usually on the back of the sports bra, so your phone won’t dig into your skin while exercising or running.

On A Magnetic Clip

The magnetic clip can keep your phone from falling out of your sports bra while you run. You can easily slide it into the pouch then you can put it in the back of your bra. Using a magnetic clip will be helpful as it can hold your mobile phone in place.

It is ideal for you if you are not a fan of having a new sports bra just for holding your phone. You can easily find these clips by searching Koala clips as the pouch is sweat-proof, so you don’t need to worry about your screen getting water damage.

Inside A Running Belt

Running belts are considered to be in a smaller size compared to fanny packs so that they can be super lightweight. You can easily tuck your phone, your keys, and your wallet into the zippered pouch to keep them contained on your run.

You need to make sure that your belt fits properly. If it is too big, there is a big chance that it can fall off. It can compress your breathing if it is too small, and it’s not always the best thing if you are exercising.

Running belts are intended for runners, so they won’t quickly bounce up and down or give you any chafing as you move around.

Zipped Into A Hydration Belt

Hydration belts are also the same principle as running belts, and they are much more significant because they need to store lots of water.

You can strap your water bottle to the outside and then zip your phone into your pocket on the front. Since hydration belts are bigger than the usual belts, you can expect to have more bouncing and swaying as you move around.

Just look for some hydration belts that fit your waist correctly to avoid unnecessary bouncing and movement. If you happen to run in bad weather, you can fund a hydration belt made from synthetic materials to keep the water out.

In A Water-Carrying Backpack

If you happen to carry a water-carrying backpack, then it is the perfect spot for your phone. You can easily tuck your phone into the side pocket to keep it safe there while you stay hydrated.

There are plenty of water-carrying backpacks that are small and lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about the added weight of it.

On Your Water Bottle

You can carry your water bottle and your phone in the same hand as there are phone cases with adhesive straps. You can attach it to your water bottle easily before you head out, so you carry two things in one hand.

But this doesn’t mean that you will have to carry your water bottle, which can sometimes be quite annoying. It is an excellent solution if you do not want to wear something on your body.

In A Race Vest

If you carry many items, then a vest will probably be your best way to carry your phone while running. When you are about to go for a run, you can put it on to carry your phone and your water, keys, and wallet.

Lightweight race vests are easy to find, and they are goodies that can only be purchased for less than $100.

Few Considerations When Choosing Products To Carry Your Phone

When you decide how you can carry your phone, especially when buying products, you need to think of different scenarios and factors. There are some questions that you should be asking yourself before making a move.


Your priority when finding ways to carry your phone is comfortability, and many runners still avoid this. Many runners have been running while wearing something they are not comfortable with, and it just doesn’t feel right.

Instead of enjoying the experience of staying focused on your foal, you are constantly fidgeting.

It is recommended to purchase a product to quickly return if it does not compatible with your running style. Because if it bothers you while you are running, there is no sense in using it, and you might as well hold it.


There are specific ways to wear your phone, and sometimes it lends itself better to easy access to the screen than others.

In many cases, you will have to pull your phone from your pocket to use it. An armband is one option where you don’t have to do this, but sometimes those bring their challenges which can be a bother.

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled watch that can work when connected to your nearby phone, this might not be an issue for you.

But if you know that you will have to take your phone to skip some songs or read some messages mid-run, then be sure to grab your phone quickly without the need to stop. 

Phone Holder Size

Whatever means you decide to hold your phone, it will have to fit correctly in a pocket or pouch. Good thing that many products now will cater to the newest models of many popular phones.

Just make sure to read the dimensions so it will perfectly fit your model like a glove.


Overall, there are so many easy and comfortable ways to carry your phone, and there is no excuse not to head out to run without it.

Regardless of what method you choose below, the critical thing that you should consider is always your safety. Even if you are heading out for a 30-minute jog, you never know when an emergency will arise when you need it.

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