Factors That Might Damage Your Phone While Running With It

Running With Your

Smartphones today play a significant role in physical activities such as running, mainly due to applications intended to keep you entertained while on the run. But could carry your phone while running damage your phone? Here is what I found out.

Does running with your phone damage it? Yes, running with your phone could damage it due to overheating, moisture, or impact damage. Holding it while running could also cause imbalances in your body, resulting in shoulder and hip injuries.

Learn some of the possible things that might happen to your phone when you run with it. In the latter part of this post, you will also find out where you should not place your phone while running.

Your Phone Might Overheat

Running with your phone can damage it due to overheating. Not because it is exposed to direct sunlight, but because of the apps you are using that make your phone’s processor work hard. It is especially if your cell signal and wi-fi are activated.

While running, listening to music provides a wide range of benefits, including endurance, reduced stress, good mood, and many more. But when you listen to music while your GPS works, it might cause stress to your phone.

With a processor operating in a tight place without ventilation, your phone might overheat. It is even worse for those people who place their phones in sealed cases.

So, if you are planning to bring your phone on the run, make sure to close all unused applications. It would help if you also switched off your phone’s wi-fi to avoid wasting battery power.

Meanwhile, there are things you should avoid when keeping your phone inside your car while you run. According to Apple, iPhones can withstand between -4°F and 113°F, but 95°F can actually damage your phone’s battery.

It is more likely that it’s way hotter inside your car than those parameters. Not unless it is parked in a well-shaded place.

Heat can make the phone’s battery expand, pushing either the touch screen out or the phone’s back case. Good thing that most smartphones force shut down when overheated and sometimes show temperature alerts.

When running with your phone, touch it to check if it feels hot. If this happens similarly to your case, place it in a cooler area.

Another factor that can damage your phone while running is your sweat. If sweat gets into the charging port of your phone, it can ruin it, so make sure to use a plug for protection.

Other Factors That Might Damage Your Phone

When running outdoors, there is a chance that you trip or bump into people or things. If you usually fall over when you run or bump into lamp posts, people, trees, or rocks, you should refrain from running with your phone.

Another thing that can damage your phone while running is when it gets wet, either by rain or sweat. The worst thing about this is that damage caused by moisture often invalidates warranties.

So, make sure to secure your phone in a waterproof case. Choose one that not only repels moisture but also protects it from pouring rain.

Don’t even think about getting the cheapest one without ensuring that it can protect your phone. Usually, cheap waterproof cases are not good at holding phones in place. Once your phone drops, it won’t get away with impact damage.

Running armband phone holders are specifically designed to keep your phone secured while running. But if you are not comfortable running with your phone strapped to your arm, there are other options you can try.

Holding Your Phone While Running

According to experts, running while holding your phone can lead to shoulder and hip injuries. Doing this often could create slight imbalances throughout your body.

As a result, you may experience strain leg, hip, and shoulder muscles. The same is true when holding water bottles or other items in one hand while running.

A professional UK Athletics running coach, Alexa Duckworth-Briggs, encourages carrying phones in a waist belt when running.

She says that when a person holds something in his hand, his walks will slightly change due to muscular imbalances. An imbalance in your muscles affects the body’s weight distribution and affects your efficiency.

So, imagine when you have this habit for a long time. It could be the reason why your legs hurt after running. While it is still early, stop holding your phone while on the run, as you are more likely to experience strains in your hips, legs, and across your shoulders.

It is mainly that smartphones are getting bigger and heavier, making them more likely to cause injuries.

The real problem starts from the repetition of movement happening when you run. During a 30 minute run, your arms will swing thousands of times.

So, when you are holding your phone in one hand, it becomes heavier than the other. It could alter the momentum of your legs that forces your body to compensate for the lost disrupted balance by stressing specific muscles.

Experts say that a person is most likely to notice problems affecting the opposite side of the body where you hold your phone. So, it is best to consider using a waistband or armband to carry your phone while running.

You can buy phone armbands intended for runners to secure your device while running. But according to experts, these accessories might still leave you unbalanced.

Your best option is to carry your phone using a waist belt phone holder as it allows you to carry weight at the center of your body.

The Worst Places To Put Your Phone During A Run

One of these might be your favorite way to carry your phone while on the run. Take note of these places to avoid getting your phone damaged.

  • In Your Sports Bra – Some of you might be tempted to put your phones in your sports bra, mainly that it stays in place even when you run speedily for a long time.

    But, this is not a safe way to keep your device while running, as breasts tend to get sweaty quickly. Moisture can cause damage to mobile phones, so better choose a safer way to keep your phone, rather than inside your sports bra.

  • On Your Arm – Not all armbands are ideal for carrying a phone while running. Some gym enthusiasts and runners are ditching armbands due to troublesome designs and poor fit. Some armbands also require constant adjustment to keep them in place, especially that they bounce when they don’t fit well.

When the straps are too loose, your phone will slide with it. Securing them too tightly can also limit your movement when running. Since they are strapped to your arm, it won’t be easy to access your phone while running. You might also find it challenging to find an armband that feels comfortable over clothing on cooler days.

Using an armband phone holder will also cost you money. When you get a new phone, your existing armband phone holder might not fit.

  • In Your Waistband Lining – Among the most common mistakes of runners is tucking their mobile phones into their old sweatpant’s waistband. Since most smartphones today are heavy, don’t be surprised if your phone wiggles its way out, ending up on the ground.

  • In Your Pocket – Running shorts have pockets, but these are not designed to hold your phone securely. Placing your phone in your pant’s pockets makes it susceptible to impact damage. Imagine when you fall while running and your phone is in one of your short’s pockets.

  • In Your Sock Or Shoe – Putting your phone in your socks or shoe can make you uncomfortable while running. These might be among the best ways to free your hand while carrying your phone, but you will risk your device.

Regardless of whether you are running for a few minutes or an hour, keeping your phone secure by putting it in the right place can help you avoid getting damaged.

Most mobile phones are not sturdy enough to survive impact damages caused by accidentally dropping them on the run or moisture due to rain or sweat.


In conclusion, most people find it unnatural to leave their mobile phones at home when going for a walk, jog or run. It is especially when you are expecting important emails or calls within the day.

For this reason, many are looking into the best armband or waist belt to secure their phones while running. These accessories are designed to keep your phone in place, make them accessible to you, and protect your phone from moisture and impact damage.

Carrying your phone while running could provide you with many advantages, especially when listening to music the entire time. But the problem is when you try to run with your phone while holding it in one hand.

Doing so could disrupt your balance and start damaging particular muscles in your body.

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