Running Vs. Elliptical: Which Is Better

Is the Elliptical as Good as Running?

Elliptical machines are new, common devices used in the gym, specially built to mimic the action of running. At the same time, these systems mitigate the effect on impacted joints.

Is the elliptical as good as running? Yes. In fact, using an elliptical trainer will be less painful on the feet, hips, and back than running. For this reason, they can be a good alternative to jogging or running for someone who experiences joint pain due to arthritis.

If you are having issues with your joints due to arthritis, I recommend using the elliptical for your cardio workout.

However, prior to its use, you must understand the similarities and differences between running and ellipticals. Learn more about ellipticals and running as you read this article.

The Similarities Between Ellipticals and Running

Exercise by running and elliptical equipment provides the body with tremendous cardiovascular benefits. These exercises promote the pumping of blood and the supply of oxygen to all organs of the body.

They are also considered to focus entirely on the growth of muscles, such as hamstrings, quads, hips, gluteus, and calves.

These muscles warm the body and, thus, prepare it for burning even more calories. For certain people worldwide, these two modes are used to facilitate the method of natural weight loss.

However, to achieve natural weight loss, one must follow a balanced and disciplined diet.

The Differences Between Ellipticals and Running

It’s fair to assume that there is no major contrast between the two, aside from the physical differences. Equipment is used in the elliptical and distance is used in running.

However, the difference arises in the joints which, during operation, are subjected to the massive weight of the body.

If you seek a workout that will apply less stress to the joint, elliptical machines would be great. This device is programmable and has almost no extra weight.

When it comes to calorie-burning, both ellipticals and running can show the same effects. In both ways, the intensity of exercise determines the number of calories burned over a given time.

They provide full control over what you lose, of course, with the proper diet.

Elliptical Machines: The Pros and Cons

Health and fitness is a large topic. Much has been said and written, but the focus always goes back to efficacy and protection.

Elliptical technology is a normal machine-assisted means of doing aerobic workouts. These machines have zero flaws in terms of what the body can do.

There are a wide variety of ways to shed weight that have proven to cause negative impacts on people. However, this is not the case with ellipticals.

With a decent trainer, there is equipment for every aspect of the body. This equipment is safe for use by those with chronic complications and those suffering from physical injuries.


  1. Elliptical machines are also known as low-risk exercise machines. If performed properly, there is a negligible risk for the foot, hip, and knee joints. This will ensure that the risks of damage are nearly zero.

  2. The best-fitted gyms have a range of elliptical machines tailored to all areas of the body. Therefore, the body can receive an all-around muscle toning workout devoid of grinding and bruises. For beginners, a trainer is easier to go along with for a whole-body workout.

  3. Modern elliptical devices come with movable handles for operating in various areas of the body. Adjustments should be made for both upper- and lower-body exercises. This involves gestures to streamline the spine, thighs, and limbs.

  4. Elliptical machines offer a much better alternative relative to other modes. In an elliptical exercise, the knees are still on the pedals, and the chances of losing control are zero.

  5. As compared to what other people see, elliptical machines are not expensive devices found in the gym. Elliptical machines are, rather, very effective aerobic fitness aids. A competent trainer should be present in the case of beginners.


  1. Elliptical devices are not easily available, so they are not available to all who need them.

  2. With the prolonged use of this equipment, the resilience of the body is put to the test due to over-reliance on the machines. Muscles do not achieve maximum strength, which is the case with physical fitness, such as running and jogging.

Running: The Pros and Cons

Running for exercise and weight loss can be referred to as active running.

As a classic aerobic exercise, running is an extensive sport that consumes calories in high numbers. Also, it helps the body’s physiological cycles.

The Pros of Running

  1. Running regularly develops endurance, while at the same time increasing agility. Bone and muscle strength can also be gained by exercising. This has been known to activate bone cells and improve tendons.

  2. One should build a routine for running regularly. You need nothing other than a good pair of shoes and the right gear.

  3. Running doesn’t require any special ability. You can do it anywhere, indoors, or even around the streets. An effective running exercise should begin with a warm-up of 10 or so minutes and finish with a similar cool-down activity.

The Cons

  1. Running is associated with joint problems after daily exercise. This is due to the heavy pressure of having to deal with bodyweight in the process.

  2. It isn’t easy for most people to keep up with a routine schedule to produce the desired outcomes.

Elliptical vs Running Benefits

  1. These two are perfect cardiovascular exercises because they both begin and end with a person.

  2. People with different weight loss ambitions have a range of choices, which is why alternatives are available.

  3. It is often argued that the end justifies the means. The concept should not be  based just on the results, but also on the smoothness of the path.

  4. Health and fitness is a luxury not enjoyed by any person – hence the need to work out regularly.

Tips and Advice When Working Out

Setting Goals

As mentioned above, weight loss is a journey. A good method for getting underway is to set expectations for the number of pounds to lose over a given period. This ensures that one will work toward a workable target.

No matter how you plan to burn unwanted calories, it all starts by noticing the need to do it.

Everyone needs to be safe and in decent condition. The amount of time you spend exercising can be determined by your will to lose weight.

Prioritize Your Safety

Gyms everywhere have advanced equipment, all in the name of health and weight loss. This variety can be a positive thing for gym members.

There is a need to explain what is positive for various workout plans and what is not good in terms of personal protection.

Overuse of any specific piece of equipment in the gym can result in abnormal outcomes, including postures, and often near-fatal spinal complications.

Elliptical devices are safe to use and are recommended for beginners. Elliptical devices are simple and customizable.

These devices are not going to come cheap. The reason is that they have the most complete plan of work for the whole body, with minimal effects.

Simple to Complex Workout

It is advisable to start lighter, then adjust to more rigorous exercises. This helps the body adapt without stretching it too far.

If you run, you should run only a short distance on the first day. It usually takes days to train your muscles and set the tempo for a more complicated workout.

As the days advance, your muscles will become flexible and resistant enough to endure longer distances at much higher speeds with less strain. Similarly, with ellipticals, one does not start at high speed.

One should instead change the pedals progressively as the body gets used to it.

The hours spent on a given device must also be tracked. Irregular exercise can be counterproductive to one’s weight loss program.

Scheduled Exercise

Weight loss is a journey that takes years to finish – and often, it doesn’t finish. As long as people eat, the odds of having to lose extra calories are very high.

Contrary to what misguided web ads say, there is no such thing as a miracle weight loss pill. And even if there were one, it could not be regarded as suitable for human use.

Although physical and elliptical exercises can be successful, they require time, devotion, and personal discipline.

However, it’s easy to come up with a fluid timetable, whether in the morning before you go to work or school or late at night.

Fitness cannot be accomplished by spontaneous exercises, or by running once or twice when you are in the mood. It is achieved through commitment and self-discipline.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

Of course, what you eat dictates the progress or failure of your weight loss journey. Some diets contain higher fat ratios than others, and we all know that fats make weight gain easier.

It makes no sense to spend the whole night working out, then eat a calorie-filled meal for dinner. It’s good to be keen on what you’re eating if you want to hold your desired weight. Again, discipline will make a difference.

People often struggle to determine the type of food they should or should not consume. The easiest way to determine this is to speak to a trained nutritionist about the diet suitable for you.

Knowledge about the right things to consume during exercise is also widely accessible on the Internet.

Elliptical vs Running: You Decide

Running at around 6 mph and setting the elliptical to a moderate level burn of up to 670 calories: Either way, weight management is about the number of calories that one can consume.

Everybody has control over what they eat. If you feel the need to burn more, accelerate the pace of your process, and run longer.

In the same way, when using the elliptical, change the unit to a faster speed and see the fat drain away. Hit the gym when the weather does not encourage you to exercise.

You can also take your running shoes with you when you are taking a brief break.

An elliptical is also the perfect choice for people suffering from injury, as the devices do not stretch people to their capacities. The machines allow for modification according to various individual needs.

These features are what make ellipticals among the most desirable weight loss plans.

Tips When Using an Elliptical Device

When you are using an elliptical device, try to keep a healthy stance to ensure the most successful exercise. Hold up your shoulders and chin, and keep your abdominal muscles strong.

Face upward, not down at your knees. Also, do not lean on the handles. Instead, let your lower body hang on to your weight.


The use of an elliptical machine is usually considered a low-impact exercise that does not cause pain in the knee if you use it properly.

Because elliptical machines offer low-impact aerobic exercise, they may be a suitable alternative to running for someone who has joint pain.

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