The 5 BEST Seated Cardio Workouts: At-Home Workouts

Seated Cardio Workouts

While others want to stick to one to three cardio exercises, it is better to vary your workout routine to keep fitness a fun activity.

Among the best variations you can try are seated cardio workouts, which I will be discussing in this article.

These don’t require high-end equipment other than a durable chair in which to sit. If you are ready for action, let’s get to it.

Exercise Tips Before Beginning a Seated Workout

To get the most out of every seated workout, here are some of the best tips.

Utilize a Sturdy Chair

Because you won’t be using workout equipment, you will want to utilize a sturdy chair instead. Choose a chair with a high back. Never use a folding chair or stool.

Sit Straight

Another common mistake is the simplest to avoid. Keep your back straight and ensure that your shoulders are at rest, dropped, and far from your ears.

Level Your Chin With the Floor

Flex or tighten your abs while performing all the seated cardio workouts to keep your lower back healthy.

Feel Free to Move Your Arms

Make sure to be comfortable and stable throughout the entire seated cardio session. If you’re not, move your arms freely and add to the intensity of your exercise.

The Best Seated Cardio Workouts You Can Try

Skater Switch

Skater switch is a low-impact form of a side skater. It helps to burn calories while involving your core in the movement you make, as well as your shoulders, inner thighs, and arms.

Check out the following directions on how to do the skater switch and start including it in your workouts.

  • Position yourself on the corner of your chair and bend your right knee outward and to the side.

  • Stretch your left leg outward to the other side.

  • Make sure that your toes are pointed and keep them still.

  • Start stretching your arms while leaning forward.

  • Try to reach your inside right foot using your left arm.

  • Right after that, switch over and make the same movement using your right arm and then your left foot.

  • Rest and then repeat the steps.

  • For better results, do 25 to 30 alternating repetitions.

Seated Jacks

Normally, we start most of our workout routines with one round of jumping jacks to warm up our bodies.

However, with seated jacks, we can burn a lot of calories without getting sweat-drenched.

Follow these steps to perform this seated cardio exercise before your workout:

  • Position yourself in a chair with your knees together.

  • While joining your knees, ensure that your toes are pointed.

  • Bend your elbows and make sure that your arms are open to the sides.

  • Place your palms face forward.

  • Put both of your legs out to the sides and extend your feet.

  • Allow your legs to touch down on the heel and then put your arms together above your head, the way you normally do with a jumping jack.

  • You can now go back to the position in which you started.

  • Do 25 to 30 repetitions in a row.

Hinge and Cross

Hinge and cross is another seated cardio workout that does a lot of good things for your body.

It is a workout routine that can strengthen your back muscles and abs while also making your lower body fit.

Here are the steps you can follow to perform this seated cardio workout:

  • Straighten your back while keeping your knees together in a seated position.

  • Keep your toes pointed and then place your hands up, bringing them behind your head.

  • Strengthen your abs and then tilt back a little. Allow your shoulder blades to barely touch the back of the chair.

  • Place your right elbow and left knee in a cross position.

  • Start going back to your initial position.

  • Switch from one side to another and then repeat.

  • Do this routine for about 20 alternating repetitions.

Leg Lift and Twist

Among the benefits of the leg lift and twist is that it tones your abs, inner things, and quadriceps.

Complete the following steps to acquire the benefits of this seated cardio workout.

  • Sit on the corner of your chair.

  • Start extending your right leg and make sure it is straight. Take note to always put your foot on the ground throughout the routine.

  • Place your arms on your chest like a cross and strengthen your abs tightly.

  • Rotate your torso first to the right while you are lifting your right leg to your left knee.

  • Ensure that your knees are always together and start going back to the position where you started.

  • From the right, switch to the left and then repeat.

  • Execute these steps for about 15 to 25 repetitions to get the best results.

Chair Running

Another way to shed calories on a chair is through chair running. Just like its name suggests, you have to run while sitting on a chair by lifting your legs in the air to perform a pedaling motion.

Here are the steps you can take to do this workout:

  • Extend your legs while sitting straight in a durable chair.

  • Make sure that your toes are pointed and that your arms are extended to the sides.

  • Strengthen your core and then allow your shoulder blades to lightly touch the chair back.

  • Start bending your right knee and place it near your chest, then move your left shoulder forward so that it is almost touching your knee.

  • Position your right elbow back and then switch sides right away.

  • Do this routine for about 25 to 30 fast repetitions.


Cardiovascular exercises, whether or not you are seated, offer impressive benefits for the body.

They help to reduce weight for those individuals who want to get back into shape faster than diet alone would achieve.

Aside from that, they strengthen the heart and improve bone density. If you also want to achieve these things, try these workouts today.

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