The Best Affordable Headbands And Sports Headbands Today

Headband VS Sports Headband

When it comes to playing any sports, the last thing that you want to deal with is the amount of swat in your face all the way to your eyes.

Good that a specific accessory can help you with this dilemma, which is none other than a sports headband.

Whether you log miles outdoors or just by your treadmill, the best headbands out there can help soak up the sweat with a washable, moisture-wicking fabric.

What is the difference between a headband and a sports headband? A headband is an accessory that can be functional or decorative. Meanwhile, a sports headband is a variation of a headband mainly worn for sports and physical activities to clear up all excess sweat and make sure your hair stays in place.

By reading this guide, you will learn more about the usage of headbands and what needs to be considered when getting one.

There are plenty of these accessories available in the market, made with different designs and materials, so this article will show you some of the best brands that offer the best deals.

Headband And Sports Headband

A headband is a known multi-purpose accessory that can be both functional, decorative, or even both. The predecessors of wearing a headband have come a long way throughout history, and it originated by wearing ribbons and wreaths.

There have been many times when people were associated with decorating their hair with a band around the head. It is to keep it in place using a skillfully placed band.

There are many headbands, including a fully round headband that may tie or have some elasticity to keep them in place. These materials can sometimes be leather, stretchy fabrics, plastics, and fabric over plastic or wires.

Usually, those skinny and wide bands are suited for adults, while the smaller ones are for children. Throughout history, many developed different headband varieties, and one of them is the sports headband.

Sports headbands are by definition perfect to use when you are playing sports or doing some physical activities.

They are made to protect athletes’ faces from getting sweat all over them, and it also helps to contain your hair if you have thin ones. These sports headbands are available in different sizes to fit different head sizes and stay in place.

When it comes to regular headbands, they can be either as decorative as much and sometimes it works practically. It can be seen all the way back in the 1950s where it helps pull back the hair from your forehead.

It has become a significant fashion accessory even all the way back in the 1960s, and it keeps evolving.

What To Look For When Buying A Headband?

There are many headbands out there in different variations, so it can be overwhelming to pick which one works the best.

When it comes to what makes a sports headband differ from what you wear regularly or while doing a facemask, it has something to do with the sweat-wicking quality.

If you are looking for the best sports headband, you need to find a headband that can wick sweat from your hairline or forehead and keeping it out of your eyes.

Another feature to look for is when it comes to winter headbands. It would be best if you got a headband that is reflectivity for low-light conditions.

Make sure that it can be chucked in the washing machine with the rest of your workout kits. It is essential because wicking fabrics are usually woven out of the synthetics like polyester or nylon.

These materials do not necessarily absorb moisture but instead move the sweat away from your skin for easier and quicker evaporation.

The last thing you should consider is the fit, as having a suitable sports headband fit is essential. It can tame those flyaways, especially true for cropped haircuts that are too short for a ponytail.

You can also get those wide headbands that can be pulled lower down your forehead for extra sweat-stopping power.

The Best Headbands And Sports Headbands Of 2021

If you enjoy some physical activities like marathons, endurance workouts, or sports, you will find how annoying hair in your face is.

If you have not mastered the French plait and find the right ponytail, you are lucky as you have multiple brands to choose from. These brands offer the best headbands that you can use to eliminate the annoying hair all over your face and sweat.

Here are some of the top in-line headbands and sports headbands you can choose for your daily routine, whether you are playing your favorite sport or just being active and doing some running or workouts.

Bondi Band Flatback

Bondi Bands might be simple to look at first but do not judge it by the way it looks as it can be a versatile headband for your running needs.

It is made from a no-slip, no-drip performance fabric perfectly designed to stay in place while wicking away moisture. The same material might be a proprietary blend, but it heavily features a grippy underlayer that is more secure than a simple fabric.

It is known to be ten times better at wicking than cotton, and it measures three inches wide. This wideness can cover and handle various haircuts, fitting perfectly with any hairstyles the user has. There are 25 available colors, and that includes neon pink, navy, and even eggplant color.

Temple Tape Headbands

It is the perfect example of an extra-wide headband, which you can easily pull down low with ease.

Not to mention, Temple Tape headbands are known to be unisex headbands that measure four inches wide that can be pulled all the way to your forehead.

It can also be pushed back to contain your flyways and even short hair and has a quick-drying material made from a polyester-based spandex blend.

The good thing about these Temple Tape headbands is that they are ready to wash all the time and you can do it by hand and air dry it.

You will also notice the ribbed back that will provide you with a no-slip grip without feeling the tightness. It is also considered light, and they do a great job in wicking sweat if you’re doing physical activities. It has eight available colors, including red, olive green, and grey.

Adidas Adjustable Sports Performance Superlite Visor

This Adidas adjustable visor is the perfect headband that does its job of protecting you from extra UV rays. It has a moisture-wicking headband and visor that keeps all the bright sunshine and sweat out of your eyes.

It is made from recycled polyester and spandex with a breathable and moisture-wicking mesh lining. It has a non-glare under visor to beat back the reflected light.

This Superlite headband visor also has an adjustable hook-and-loop velcro closure which will stay put when you log your miles.

It is known to be every athlete’s go-to headband, and it is super lightweight and comes in 12 colors, including black, gray, pink, and even purple tint.

Egodyne Cooling Bandana

If you are looking for the best budget-friendly headband out there, you should consider the Egodyne Cooling bandana.

This cooling sports headband will help you beat the heat if you are running or doing physical activity under the sun. It works thanks to the evaporative PVA fabric lining that can last for about four hours of cooling action.

It also helps keep sweat out of your eyes, and all you have to do is to soak them in the water, tie one on, and you can hit the road.

It naturally feels a little stiff when it dries, and you can easily be reactivated by dunking in the water for a second time. The good news is that you can easily customize the fit whatever you want since this comes with self-tie closure.

It is 1.5 inches wide, and it can hold back strands with no issues. You can get this in nine available colors, including a red western print and some skull prints.

Halo II Headband

You won’t believe it at first, but this next headband has an ultra-wicking capability with a huge cult following. Yes, you read it right.

This has been backed by nearly 3,000 Amazon reviews which show how popular this product is. It is 2-inch wide with a patented sweat seal design that absorbs sweat and channels it away from your face.

You can find a soft silicone band inside, which creates a barrier against drips while keeping the headband in place.

It would help if you also believed that this headband comes with a material that features antimicrobial technology that will help keep it fresh no matter how many runs you go.

You only need to worry about the marks left by the silicone strip, but other than time, this works flawlessly. It comes in 32 colors, including charcoal, storm, and even teal, so you can have a wide variation of colors to choose from.

Tips To Wear Headbands

Headbands are generally practical hair accessories, and it does not require any particular suggestion. It means that if you keep the following tips in your mind before buying or wearing headbands, they can really come in handy, and you get your money’s worth.

Choice Of Headband

When dealing with the right choice of headband, you need to make sure that it matches your personality and outfit.

Knitted headbands and velvet headbands usually are great for wintertime but not an excellent look for summertime. Many summer headbands are usually made from lightweight materials and sometimes made of plastic.

Color Of Headband

When picking the right color, the general rule is to go for a matching headband or contrast. But that does not mean that you cant go bold or experiment with the colors that you like. It is always up to your personal preference as you are the one wearing it and you’re not wearing it for others.

Place Of Headband

Headbands are considered to be hair jewelry, and they are supposed to be put on display. It means that it would help if you put on the hairband towards your forehead compared to wearing it towards the rear of your head.

Skin Friendly Headbands

You can find headbands made from different types of materials. So, when buying a headband that works best for you, you have to consider the material which it is made of.

If you want metal, then make sure you are not allergic to any types of metals. Most metallic hair accessories have nickel in their composition, and nickel allergy is painful, so you need to avoid it at all costs.


Your headbands should remain clean and tidy, and the fabric that is made usually absorbs whatever product you use in your hair, plus swear.

So you must practice proper hygiene and always wash them regularly if you want to use the headband for a longer run.

Purchasing Headbands

The last thing is before making any purchase online. You need to ensure that the quality of the maker is the same by reviewing the reviews.

A good quality maker of hair accessories might be a bit expensive, but their products can last longer and trustworthy.


To conclude, headbands, in general, can be used in many ways. You can use it as a planned hair accessory or turn it into a functional hairband.

Most headbands sold in the market today are sports headbands that are patronized by sports enthusiasts, sports celebrities, and even people who love working out. If you love breaking a sweat, sports headbands are also a must-have item for you.

If you don’t have a sports headband yet, make sure to follow and consider the things mentioned in this article so that you can find the perfect and suited headband for your needs.

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