Things You Need to Consider When Buying Knee Pads for Volleyball

Knee Pads

If you want to improve your volleyball game, you should invest in proper volleyball safety equipment. Diving is a must-do in this game, and players often fall to the court floor. To avoid a scenario like this, the player should wear all the necessary protective gear.

What knee pads do professional volleyball players wear? Even professional players are vulnerable to knee injuries, which is why they wear the best knee pads. The Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad is the knee pad used by both professional and non-professional players. It provides greater freedom of movement.

Knee pads are essential when playing volleyball, whether you are a professional or not. This article will give you the ultimate guide to buying volleyball knee pads and a list of the best ones.

Things You Need to Consider

Have you ever played volleyball? If so, you understand the level of athleticism needed to participate in the sport. The majority of the volleyball game is spent quickly dodging around the court.

Have you ever seen a volleyball player leap forward in an attempt to prevent the ball from touching the ground? You would have seen how they wound up with their knees on the ground, and their backside was lying on their ankles.

The knees will strike the ground in this position to keep the ball from falling to the ground.

A hit like that will damage the knees regardless of the surface, whether sand, grass, or a rough floor. If you ask a sportsperson, they’ll tell you that the knees are always the first to give out.

Your Position in a Volleyball Game

Volleyball players’ knee pads have different padding depending on their location during the game. If you’re a back player, for example, you’ll drive less and need to be quick on your feet.

To allow for quick and easy mobility, your knee pads require padding. On the other hand, because you dive more when you play in the front, you’ll need more padding on your knees to provide the required protection.

Level of Experience

Accidents happen, and all players are at risk, but seasoned players better grasp the game. Beginners should take precautions when wearing knee pads that are well padded. This does not, however, imply that seasoned players can avoid wearing knee pads.

When you gain the requisite experience, you’ll be able to judge how much padding is enough to secure your knees. It is also vital that you choose a knee pad that will not interfere with your pace of movement.


Knowing what you need is the secret to finding a pair of volleyball knee pads that are perfect for you. The difference between pain-free play and limping off the court can be determined by proper fit.

You must be aware of the various types of knee pads available so that you can seek comfort without compromising safety. However, you might discover that you need additional security.

To get it, choose pads with a bit more coverage. If you can, put on a few pairs of knee pads and get a feel for them.


When choosing a size, always remember that it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are or how much you weigh. The size of your legs is the only thing that matters.

While each volleyball knee pad brand has its own size and fit, there are usually only a few sizes available.

  1. One size fits all
  2. Small/medium
  3. Large/extra large

Choose a pad that will remain securely attached to your knee, and that will not lift or relax when you move. Check the manufacturer’s recommended sizing charts for more clarity about what size is right for you.

Humidity and Dryness

You sweat a lot when you play volleyball. Sweat will make your knee itchy if you have a low-quality knee pad.

Some pads may also have a moisture-wicking material to help keep sweat away from the skin. Others might have free ventilation at the back of the knee to allow moisture to evaporate.

Look for volleyball knee pads made of non-abrasive, soft materials. But, if you’re thinking about purchasing a knee pad, keep this in mind.

Regardless of the type of knee pad you pick, you’ll need to wash it after each use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and allow them to air out after extended use. If you don’t clean the pads, a rash can develop on the areas of your leg that come into contact with them.

Knee Pads Used by Professional Volleyball Players

Volleyball knee pads come in various sleeve lengths, sizes, and padding choices and are essential for peak performance. Some models have gel on the inside. The gel reduces the amount of wear and tear on the knee caused by damage from the ground.

Look no further if you’re seeking volleyball knee pads and aren’t sure which ones would work best for you. These volleyball knee pad reviews will assist you in making the best decision.

Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

Mizuno LR6 volleyball knee pads are the industry’s best-known knee pads. Almost every volleyball player is familiar with this brand. For a long time, the brand has been producing high-quality knee pads for its customers.

The material used to make these knee guards is of the highest quality. The padding on the Mizuno LR6 is exceptionally thick, which is fantastic. The knee pads are very supportive. They have comprehensive coverage.

VolleyCountry Volleyball Knee Pads

These are pads with a lot of features that the user can enjoy. They are built to withstand knee impact and rough landings on the court. They’re also made to be long-lasting, comfortable, and mobile. Their ability to remain dry and warm is also appealing.

They are made of bamboo, which allows more air to pass through than other fabrics. The company has specialized in volleyball equipment for over ten years. The volleyball knee pads are specially built to withstand the hardcourt.

Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads

Nike is available in black and white. They also have a low profile and are designed for players who want less visibility. These knee pads have a high-density waterproof padding core and a superior dry-fit lining on the inside.

Dri-fit provides players with the comfort and dryness they need to keep pushing forward in the game. However, they usually come in a smaller size than usual, so order a size up.

McDavid Knee Pad

The McDavid knee pad provides assistance, injury prevention, and healing therapy in one package. It offers both support and defense. This knee pad will appeal to players who rely on a knee brace for pain relief or stabilization.

This latex-free knee pad is based on sports medicine expertise for those who have had problems such as:

  1. Knee injuries in the past
  2. Recovering from an injury

The padding is limited due to the low-profile style, but many people find it adequate. The neoprene microcell structure provides a stretchy, flexible, and breathable fit.

Asics Setter Knee Pad

In most circles, Asics is the best-known brand for high-quality volleyball equipment. These knee pads maintain that reputation. It’s also worth mentioning that these aren’t exclusively for setters.

Yes, it’s in their name, but despite their small profile and tight fit, they’re capable of serving in any role. Instead of being a generic pad on top of your kneecap, they appear to match your knee.

Another great feature of these pads is that they have a padded section along the main front field sides. These pads are beneficial for anyone diving from side to side.

The Asics Setter Knee Pad shows that the company is cutting edge in knee pad innovation, particularly in customization and engineering. The knee pads use a gel knee cushion, and separate left and right knee pads are available.

Modvel 2 Pack Knee Compression Sleeve

Every Modvel product is designed with three goals in mind: pain relief, comfort, and convenience. The company uses high-quality materials and takes months to design, produce, and test each brace, sleeve, and cushion.

Its goal is to assist you in walking, running, training, and overcoming pain.

This knee sleeve brace with high compression stabilizes and protects the joint. It isn’t just for injuries; it also relieves arthritis pain and can be worn regularly when needed.

This brace’s ergonomic nature allows it to protect the knee joint without getting in the way. It is both comfortable and breathable, which will enable you to remain active.


We have looked at many high-quality knee pads that are available at a fair price. Before buying one, think about what role you will be playing to determine the right pair for you.

Knee pads and volleyball equipment are needed for various volleyball positions. Even if you play more than one spot, it’s OK to have only one set of pads.

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