This Is How You Know What The Healthiest Meal Delivery Service Is

What Is the Healthiest Meal Delivery Service?

Food from meal delivery services is mostly labeled as unhealthy. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about delivery is junk food like pizzas, burgers, and fries, right?

But nowadays, people are becoming more conscious about their health. Healthy meal delivery services that provide delicious food, containing high-quality ingredients, are now increasing because of this.

With that in mind, I will be introducing some of the things to consider in a meal delivery service.

Also, I will give you a list of the most popular healthy meal delivery services along with the things they can offer. Let’s get into it.

Choosing the Healthiest Meal Delivery Service

Determine Your Budget and Know the Delivery Process

The first thing you should consider when choosing the healthiest meal delivery service for you is your budget.

Usually, meal delivery services charge from $5 to $28 for each service or more per meal. Set a budget that is comfortable for you, especially if you are planning to rely on delivery food for the long term.

Doing so will help you save money and effort, and avoid further hassle.

Additionally, you have to check the delivery process. Some meal delivery services are delivered right to your door while others are delivered to a common location.

Other delivery services only deliver in selected cities, so you better know the process and schedule of the meal delivery service you will choose.

Some companies also provide an option in which you can choose the day when your box will be delivered.

On the other hand, other meal delivery services ship food only on certain days.


A high-quality meal is based on more than one element, like calories. For this reason, find a meal delivery service that can provide you with a complete nutrition panel for every recipe.

This includes the total carbohydrates, amount of saturated fat, sodium, fiber, and so much more.

Some recipes from meal delivery services may have a similar amount of fat, sugar, and calories to those from a restaurant.

This is why you have to know the entire nutrition profile of the recipe provided by the meal delivery service.

It will allow you to make the best decision for your wellness and health goals.

Options and Ingredients

Consider whether you want to pick your food every week, or if you want to be surprised by what will be sent to you.

If you have picky eaters in your family, choosing the food you order is presumably the best approach!

Among the most important thing about picking the best meal delivery service is being satisfied with the food that is delivered to you.

Are you searching for locally provided or USDA-confirmed natural meals?

There is a particular box for that. Some boxes provide data on what is included in meals and where they originate. Aside from that, they give notes from the chef.

Food Preferences and Allergens

Look for a healthy meal delivery service that accommodates your allergens and food preferences.

I am sure that there is a company out there that can provide for the unique needs of everyone.

Whether you need vegetarian/vegan, paleo, no-red-meat, pescatarian, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, kid-friendly, or plant-based meals, you can find the right meal delivery service for you.

Be Prepared

Most delivery services require you to have particular ingredients at home, including olive oil, pepper, and salt.

For this reason, make sure to read the required ingredients in the recipe compared to what is sent to your door.

Aside from that, ensure that you have the proper cooking tools in your kitchen, like frying pans, the right-sized pot, a knife, and a cutting board.

This is because some recipes may also include ingredients that require particular kitchen utensils.

Healthiest Meal Delivery Services

Sun Basket

Sun Basket is among the healthiest meal delivery services according to a dietician.

It provides a wide array of options for everyone, making it the most versatile option.

Sun Basket provides delicious and nutritious meals that suit a variety of dietary needs.

Among the meals it provides are good for people who require pescatarian, vegan, paleo, or diabetic-friendly foods.

The price of its meals starts at $9 as of this writing. Among the meals it offers are five-minute salads and so much more.


Plated is a meal delivery service known for its comprehensive approach. It will allow you to order a minimum of two dishes every week and then modify the number of portions.

You can choose from 20 healthy recipes weekly in the customizable program.

The options are provided according to your dietary needs, flavor preferences, and so much more.

Plated offers delicious meals for only $10 per serving. You can choose your meals using its application, allowing you to order on the go.


For those people who prefer peanut- and gluten-free meals, Freshly is your best option.

The food it delivers is packed in heat-and-eat packaging that will allow you to skip the time for preparation and clean-up.

Aside from that, the recipes are filled with nutrient-dense vegetables that are often switched for starchier sides like buttery noodles and garlicky broccoli.

All of Freshly’s meals range from $13 per service and $50 every week.

Hungry Root

If you are looking for the healthiest meal delivery services but you don’t know where to start, Hungry Root is ideal for you.

It provides vegetable-filled alternatives for traditionally high-refined-carbohydrate foods.

Just like Plated, Hungry Roots lets customers modify their food. It offers plant-based choices like cauliflower rice and zoodles.

Its meals also come with vegetable and fruit condiments like kale pesto and avocado crema.

Aside from that, the company has sauces like Thai Peanut, which is perfect for a wide variety of homemade dishes from Hungry Root.


The healthiest meal delivery service will provide you with the best and most flexible options to suit your food preferences, allergens, budget, and schedule.

If you want to get the most out of your meals, take note of the meal delivery services mentioned earlier and pick the one that can help you maintain the health and wellness goals you set.

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