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Goggles Fogging Up

The best sports sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the light but also help you perform better.

If you’re running a marathon or mountain biking, the right sunglasses can stay put no matter what you’re doing. However, despite these benefits, some sports glasses are not flawless.

Do sports goggles fog up? The glasses have a lower temperature than the heat that your face emits while wearing a pair. Your face’s heat hits the glasses and causes air condensation. The moisture will gradually turn to a liquid on the glasses, which causes fog.

When you’re trying to exercise or play sports, and your goggles are continually foggy, it can be aggravating. Fortunately, there are some easy methods for dispelling the fog.

Why Do Sports Glasses Fog Up?

Molecules make up all matter, including solids, liquids, and gases. Most heat, energy, and movement are found in gas molecules. The gas loses thermal energy when it comes into contact with the cool surface.

The molecules slow down and become more static. It becomes a liquid when the gas molecules lose too much energy. If the gas is warmer than the surface it reaches, this can happen at any temperature.

That’s because the moist heat generated by your face, breath, and glasses is a prime area for condensation.

The hypothalamus in your brain uses nerves to keep your body temperature at about 98.6°F (37°C). Your acrylic, rubber, or metallic eyewear, on the other hand, is slightly cooler.

Fog can develop on your glasses due to the temperature difference between your glasses and your body. Fog can also be caused by additional moisture from sweat and air.

When you work out, your body heat increases as your heart rate rises and your muscles work hard. To wash away the heat and cool down, your skin glands release sweat.

Ways You Can Prevent Your Sports Glasses From Fogging Up DIY Fix

Use a Potato

To repel water, rub a cut potato over your lenses. To expose some of the flesh, cut a small chunk from the potato.

Rub this over your sports goggles’ lenses to create a thin protective layer that will keep out water and moisture. To remove any visible residue, wash the lenses in clean water.

Use Toothpaste

Apply a dab of toothpaste to the insides of your lenses. Spread the toothpaste around and gently wipe the inside of the lenses with a clean, wet toothbrush.

To remove any remaining toothpaste, rinse your goggles in clean, non-chlorinated water.

Commercial Options

Use Anti-Fog Spray

Most anti-fog eyewear sprays have three simple steps to follow.

  1. Clean the lens surface.
  2. Spread the solvent uniformly around the affected area.
  3. Wait for the spray to dry to form a solid coating. It’s that quick!

The big drawbacks of anti-fog sprays are that the effect is short-lived and frequent spraying is often needed. All of these drawbacks make it inconvenient if you need it in the middle of a game.

Get Your Glasses Adjusted

It is strongly advised to stop wearing sports eyewear that is too close to your face when exercising. Glasses that are too tight on your face increase the risk of fogging.

The amount of air able to pass through and blow away heat and moisture is reduced.

If you’re looking for new sports glasses, look for ones that allow for good airflow around the lenses. Also, look for the adjustable nose and arm parts that match your face shape and features.

Some optometrists, or eye doctors, provide glasses readjustments. These reposition the lenses to sit farther away from your face to increase air circulation.

Invest In Anti-Fogging Sports Eyewear

Thanks to today’s technical innovations, sports enthusiasts can choose from a wide variety of excellent anti-fog sports glasses and goggles. The use of fog-resistant lenses and a hydrophobic coating to repel water and sweat distinguishes top anti-fog eyewear.

The lenses are treated with special coverings during the manufacturing process. They are designed to prevent water vapor from forming around your glasses. If you’re naturally hot and sweaty, this is particularly beneficial.

Anti-fog eyewear with vents to allow air to flow freely is recommended. Goggles with various vents and air channels are ideal for having fresh, cold air flowing in and out. It keeps moisture and heat away from your face.

Anti-fog sports glasses have limitations, and they do not work for everyone. The fog does not last indefinitely for others.

The anti-fog coating wears away over time. After a long time of continuous use, the anti-fog coating will completely disappear from your glasses.

Anti-Fog Sports Glasses

Oakley Jawbreaker

Oakley has been known for its avant-garde designs and technology. Although the architecture may appear futuristic, it was created to remove excess moisture.

Multiple holes at the top and bottom of the lens ensure that you will not be trapped in the fog.

Tifosi Crit Matte Smoke Cycling Sunglasses

These aerodynamic cycling shades, which come in eight colors, are all about personalization. The brand’s adjustable arm and nose parts are particularly common among athletes because they provide the best fit and comfort.

Goodr OG Polarized Sunglasses

The frames have a convenient but snug fit to prevent them from bouncing around when you’re on the move. They also have polarized, glare-reducing lenses that block both UVA and UVB rays completely.

Costa Diego 580G Polarized Sunglasses

Costa del Mar glasses have an anti-reflective coating that repels water and protects your eyes from backside glare. They have added venting in the nose pads and the hinge as well.

This generates ridges and channels to promote the flow of moisture away from the lens.

For example, Costa Diego has a patented venting hole in the hinge and nose piece. It not only offers all-day comfort, but also wicks away moisture.


Wearing the right sports glasses will make a big difference in both your athletic success and your eyewear fogging.

Anti-fogging is accomplished by ensuring that no air is trapped around the face. At the same time, the temperature differential between the face and the glasses does not increase.

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