This Type Of Cardio Burns the Most Fat

Which Cardio Burns the Most Fat?

Most people want to get a fit and healthy body. But to do that, they must get rid of their extra pounds.

Cardiovascular exercises, or cardio, are said to be the most effective method of fat and weight loss.

But the question is: Which cardio exercise is better for burning fat?

Low-intensity Steady State cardio exercise, or LISS, is your best option if you want to burn the fat in your body fast. It is a type of cardio exercise in which you don’t need to exert too much effort. Instead, you only have to maintain constant low-intensity cardio training for a period of time.

LISS Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

For those who want to lose weight, a fat-burning cardio exercise is something you must consider.

LISS cardio is the best choice because it involves exercises that burn the most fat as compared to other types of cardio exercises.

Here are some of the exercises that are included in LISS cardio:

Walking at a Moderate Speed

One of the cardio exercises that can burn the most body fat is walking at a moderate speed.

Unlike what others believe, the movement that your body does when you walk at a moderate pace can help you shed more pounds than jumping or running.

When you walk for about 30 minutes or more, your body will burn between 100 and 300 calories. Among those calories are some of the stored fat in your body.

Walking at a moderate pace is not effective for weight loss if you do it for less than 30 minutes.

You have to take a consistent 30- to 90-minute walk several days a week to feel and see some changes.


If you want a more challenging cardio exercise to burn your body fat, hiking is the best option for you.

It burns more calories than walking and will allow you to relax while passing scenic views.

According to Harvard Health, hiking for 2 hours can help you burn about 1,064 calories.

This is more than a person who spends 2 hours doing a regular walk, which burns only 712 calories.


Another cardio exercise that can help you burn more fat in your body is swimming.

It is a refreshing exercise that offers a wide array of health benefits. Plus, it will allow you to get in touch with nature if you swim in bodies of water.

There are specific swimming strokes that target belly fat. If you want to burn the most fat in your belly, try the butterfly or breaststroke, as well as the backstroke to engage your core.

Swimming for an hour can help you burn more than 500 calories. If you do this several days a week, you will keep your body lean and fit.

Steady Rowing

Rowing is another type of cardio exercise that you can do to shed most of the fat in your body.

If you complete 30 to 50 minutes of rowing for about 5 to 6 times a week, you will achieve maximum results.

So, while having a good conversation with a friend, do 1 minute of easy rowing and then switch to hard rowing every minute.

Rowing also helps to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles.

For those who want to get a ripped and well-sculpted body, this type of cardio exercise may also work best.


For those who want to take their weight and fat loss program to the extreme, running is recommended.

Doing this activity at about 5mph can help you shed about 295 calories.

It also helps to establish endurance and strength, which most of us need to improve our quality of life.

Unlike other cardio exercises, running promotes full-body fat loss. It can tone your butt and leg muscles, giving them a more defined shape.

You can also do this exercise whenever you want. If your neighborhood is safe, you can run around every day to see maximum results.

It is also better if you run along with company. Aside from having a companion, it is safer to run with a friend than it is to run by yourself.

Factors That Affect How Much Fat You Burn

Burning fat is different for every person. Some can burn more while others shed less.

Here are some of the factors that affect how fast and how much fat your body can burn during cardiovascular exercise:

  • Age – As people get older, it becomes harder for their bodies to burn calories. This is especially true because older people are usually not allowed to engage in vigorous workouts.

  • Intensity of Workout – Vigorous workout routines help to burn more fat in the body compared to easier types of exercises.

  • Body Composition – A person who has more muscle mass tends to burn more body fat than someone who has a higher percentage of fat.

  • Gender – Compared to women, men can burn calories faster because they usually have less fat and more muscles.

  • Overall Daily Activity – People who move less during the day burn less fat than those who are active. Body movements help to burn more body fat.


Most cardiovascular exercises are great for weight loss but particular types do the job better in terms of burning fat.

For those who want to achieve a lighter and leaner body, LISS cardio helps better than other kinds of cardiovascular exercises.

Plus, it does not require equipment, allowing you to burn fat whenever you want.

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