Top 10 Affordable Running Armbands You Can Find Today

Running Armbands

It is the best idea to have a protective cover for your phones. However, if you enjoy working out, having your phone with you is a plus.

An armband is appropriate for this purpose. It has a design that fits snugly around your arm and provides simple access to your phone.

What are the best running armbands? The best running armbands are those made with waterproof and lightweight materials. The best are from Tribe, Trianium, Bone Run Tie, VUP, among others. These brands won’t let you down, and the few more others we are going to mention.

It can be hard to bring your phone with you for a run. There is, however, a simple solution: the finest phone armbands for running. Here is a list of fantastic possibilities for you to take a look at for a running armband.

The Best Running Armbands

People in the past would probably laugh at you for not wanting to go for a run without your phone, and it is almost unavoidable these days.

Taking your phone with you is always a good idea. Having your phone with you is one of the best ways to keep safe if anything happens.

You may also use it to listen to music while jogging and keep track of your time and mileage. However, carrying it around with you when you are doing something active is not always easy. Or you may need to get instructions if you are running somewhere new.

TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband

This low-cost Lycra armband is the wildcard. It is our best value pick since it has many outstanding features packed into such a small armband.

For starters, Lycra is soft, lightweight, and not too tight on the skin. The wide elastic closure wrap is well-ventilated, so you do not overheat while wearing it.

Also, the screen protector is waterproof, and it keeps your phone safe from sweat and splashes while still allowing you to use the touch screen.

Some of the additional features we like are:

  • The handy pocket behind the phone space
  • A headphone wire holder to prevent tangling
  • The wide reflective strip that goes around the phone window

It also works with almost any phone. However, you may need to take yours out of its cover to use it with this wristband. It is deserving of our top value spot, given the features and pricing.

Trianium Armband

Workout and training activities can be strenuous and demanding, and you may need a device that can survive all of them while also enhancing your comfort. It is precisely what Trianium is providing with this stretchable and adaptable armband.

The Trianium Water Resistant Armband has extra storage for larger phones in mind. This kit bends, twists, folds, and stretches effortlessly without deforming, and it will fit all arm and wrist sizes. Furthermore, the neoprene fabric is elastic enough to fit most iPhone and Android phones.

The scratch-resistant protective cover is made specifically for touch screen phones. It allows you to do more on your phone, such as activate your stopwatch while keeping your phone firmly in place.

This armband has an unbelievable price to go along with its great features. It is water-resistant, which means it has the best moisture-wicking properties to keep perspiration and moisture at bay.

It has a comfortable grip, headphones and charging slots, and an inbuilt key holder. All these will keep your house and other crucial keys secure while you are on the go.

Tune Belt Sweat Resistant Armband

For your iPhone SE 2020, get this soft armband with a tight hold. While working out, you will be in supreme comfort, and it will not bounce, slip, or feel overly constrictive. As a result, you can move around freely while exercising.

Furthermore, there are no skin-to-skin openings. The moisture-wicking fabric also keeps you dry. Also, even if your phone is in a large case, it will fit. It is long-lasting, washable, and dependable!

Bone Run Tie

The Bone Run Tie armband is one of our favorites. It is simple to use, long-lasting and fits phones ranging in size from 4 to 6.5 inches.

The high-quality silicone phone holder is non-slip and keeps your phone safe and secure. It has ventilation in the back, and it allows plenty of ventilation, so you do not get too hot when wearing it on your arm.

The neoprene straps are smooth and gentle on the skin, and they are simple to clean when they get dirty. Choose from one of three sizes, or receive three different sizes with the 3-pack combo.

You can use your phone without removing it from the wristband because the screen is entirely open and accessible. Getting it back in place can be tricky without removing the entire armband if you need to remove it.

Newppon 180 Rotatable

The Newppon 180 makes a bold claim that it can fit all phone sizes. However, it delivers with a sticky silicone mount that expands to hold your phone.

There is no sleeve to get in the way of the screen. The rotating feature makes it much simpler to see and use your phone while in your arm.

This armband keeps the phone in place. It has a solid plastic component with a piece of padding to cushion it. It can be uncomfortable if the band is not placed high enough on your bicep. This was less of a concern when worn over a shirt sleeve in colder weather.

We also discovered that the advertised keyholder is too small to hold most keys. This armband is also the best choice if you are continuously updating to the latest gadget. It can handle a variety of models and case sizes.

E Tronic Edge Phone Running Armband Sleeve

We understand that attaching your phone to your arm and going for a run might be a scary prospect, and all it takes is one loose-fitting, and your valuable device will fall to the ground.

Of course, all running armbands will have the necessary mechanism to prevent this. But if you want to be specific, look at the E Tronic Edge Phone Running Armband Sleeve design.

This running armband is designed to look like a compression sleeve and was created with comfort in mind. There will be no chafing on the skin because there is no irritating adjustable strap to worry about!

Not only that – but it is made of spandex, allowing any phone to go in and be kept safe and secure. If that isn’t enough to persuade you, you may be relieved to learn that we are not stopping here.

It only took a brief look through the several good running armbands reviews to realize how incredible this sleeve is.

LOVPHONE Sport Running Exercise Armband

Check out the LOVPHONE Armband if you are looking for a budget-friendly armband that yet performs well.

This device provides an easy way to carry your phone while running to track your fitness. Plus, it is a good choice for individuals who do not want to use applications or switch up tunes.

Because this armband does not move once it’s on, it will not chafe, enabling you to concentrate on your run. A velcro tab keeps your headphone cord from blowing around.

A little bag underneath the main phone pocket provides another secure location for small items, such as a key or credit card.

Although this armband protects your phone, it makes it hard to utilize apps or alter your audio on the fly. The clear plastic cover allows for pinching, tapping, and swiping. However, you would have to bend over to see what’s on the screen, and you may also need to stop running to use it.

Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

Long-distance runners want a safe means to transport their phones, as well as other long-distance necessities. With two expanding pouches, this Sport2People running belt offers plenty of room for all your belongings while jogging. And it doesn’t bounce or irritate.

You can put your phone in a more oversized pocket to keep it safe from scratches. The belt is composed of high-quality, water-resistant material, and your things will be safe even if you encounter inclement weather.

The reflective stripes increase your visibility when jogging in low-light circumstances. Plus, the adjustable length makes it easier to find a comfortable fit.

Quad Lock Sports Armband

This locking armband may be the appropriate choice for those who want a little more stability.

It is also best for someone who likes something that makes it easier to remove and replace the phone. Before getting too excited, remember that it only works with a limited number of phones.

The armband itself is highly flexible and adjustable, so it should suit most arms. You may need to use the handy compatible phone case that comes with your purchase to attach your phone to it.

Lining up the two locks and twisting them together is all it takes. Remove the phone from the band in the same way.

The great thing about this setup is that it can be used anywhere! To use your phone while cycling, attach the strap to your bicycle handlebars or your treadmill as a device holder.

Armpocket Aqua

Nobody wants to run with their phone and return home with a dead phone from a minor spill. And we all know that people are now storing notes on their phones.

You may never have to worry about that with this extreme, heavy-duty wristband. It is entirely waterproof with an IPX8 rating, which means you can submerge it in water up to 4″ deep for up to 3 hours without it flinching.

It is impressive that you can still use your touchscreen. You will never have to leave the house without your phone again! For runners who also swim as part of their training, this is an excellent option.

It has a double protection layer, a zip-se, and a snap-lockk, to keep your phone safe and secure.

It is, of course, waterproof and sweatproof. Another feature we like is that it floats, which means you never have to worry about losing it in the water.

Benefits Of Running Armbands

Here are reasons why you should have one:


If you are a regular runner, this is not a long-term answer. Your phone will stay attached to your arm using an armband, and it is aggravating to have your phone jiggle around in your pocket, and it allows you to forget about it and focus on enjoying your jog.

Phone Protection

Nobody wants to be stressed out when their phone falls out of their pocket and lands face-down on the sidewalk. To avoid this, you only need to utilize a running armband that keeps your phone safe and secure.


Running with a phone holder will make your life a little bit easier. The greatest jogging armbands offer multiple sections where you may store your phone, bank card, and house keys.

Use it For Other Exercise

Just because it is called a running armband does not imply it is solely for running. Phone armbands provide the same benefits for cycling, the gym, or a hike, and more usage equals more value for your money!


Because it is free, running is one of our favorite pastimes. It won’t collect any monthly fees when you have sorted out your running gear. Grab your sneakers and go. So we will not ruin it by advising you to spend your money on a running armband.

Understanding More About A Running Armband

Armbands come in a variety of styles and are designed to serve a variety of purposes.

It’s easy to lose track of which characteristics are most important. Let us start with a look at the various sorts of armbands that can be worn while running.

Types Of Running Armbands

Armbands For Phone/Music Players

It is among the most commonly used armbands for jogging, and the primary function is to transport your smartphone or music player. Many of the armbands in this category can also be used to hold your keys, credit cards, headphones, or cash.

LED Armbands

It is also known as a glow armband. This armband is designed as a safety precaution, especially for nighttime running. It is usually powered by batteries and has a brighter light than a glow stick.

Heart Rate Monitor Armband

This device is designed to track your heart rate as you exercise. Many of these armbands work with many running applications, including DigiFit Run Keeper.

When you do not want to carry your phone, you still want to keep track of your heart raon.

How To Choose A Running Armband

When buying a running armband, there are a few things to think about. They must fit your phone, but that is not the only consideration! In this section, we’ll go over some other important things to look for when shopping.

Check To See If Your Smartphone Works With The Armband

Make sure your phone is compatible with the armband. The entire point of this purchase is to have a dependable attachment that will keep your phone safe while you are out and about. If your wristband fails to do this, you may be frustrated.

All you have to do before purchasing an armband is make sure your phone is compatible. The company will either specify which phone models it can handle or supply you with the dimensions. If it’s the latter, determine your phone’s dimensions to make sure it fits.

Consider Whether You Like A Pocket Or A Mounted Product

Your phone can be inserted into a running wristband in one of two ways:

  1. Through a pocket and sliding it into a case
  2. Through a mount attachment.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, and which one you choose is mostly a matter of personal preference.

Pockets are a safer option in general. They are capable of protecting your phone from the weather (if mentioned by the company).

However, they can be harder to reach in the middle of a run, and it can become inconvenient when you need to change tracks or check your progress.

Mounted armbands provide you with much easier access. However, they are nowhere near as protective, so your phone is more likely to suffer from scratches or smashes should anything happen.

Make Sure That The Style Of The Fitting Is Comfortable And Adjustable

The shape of your arms may change over time whether you are trying to lose weight or bulk up. As a result, most running armbands will have an adjustable strap or an elastic fit.

This guarantees that they are adaptable enough to accompany you throughout your adventure.

Adjustable straps are typically seen to be more comfortable because they can be adjusted quickly. Plus, they do not dig into the skin as much.

They are also more ventilated and have a lower profile. The drawback is that you’ll be reliant on Velcro straps, which might break down with time.

Elastic fits are usually in the form of armbands in the style of a pocket. They function similarly to a compression armband with additional compartments for your phone and items such as your keys.

They can make your phone more secure, but you won’t be able to access it as quickly.


Armbands have a built-in protective covering that allows you to use your touchscreen. There are also phone holders with the amount and sturdy elastics to keep your phone secure.

However, not all of these covers feature a cutout to accommodate fingerprint sensors, and there is no loss of touchscreen functionality with such alternatives.

Water Resistance

If you’re a true athlete, a little rain won’t stop you from going for a run. While the rain might be rather relaxing, it also offers a risk of damage to your gadgets. As a result, it’s critical to have a water-resistant running wristband.

Your running armband won’t need to dry for hours after being outside if it’s constructed of waterproof materials.

Furthermore, your phone will be kept safe and secure without sacrificing any of its functionality. Unless you live somewhere where it hasn’t rained in years, we recommend investing in a water-resistant wristband to be safe.

Remember that water resistance isn’t just good for poor weather; it can also help you avoid sweating. Sweat is a natural part of exercising unless you’re the luckiest person on the planet.

It’s worth investing in an armband that can withstand it without becoming unpleasant and soggy, and that’s something no one wants.

Overall Weight

It is one of the most crucial characteristics to examine. Extra weight is never a good thing, especially if you plan on running long distances.

The majority of high-quality armbands are light, weighing between 2-2.5 ounces. There are, however, some highly light armbands that weigh less than an ounce.


We enjoy reading customer reviews. We can’t get enough of them, to be honest. We’ve seen it all, from frustrated buyers to buyers who have had their lives altered by a product.

But don’t worry, there’s no negativity here; the products described in this buying advice have received rave ratings. Nobody likes to squander money on a product that doesn’t meet their expectations.

As a result, expect a lot of four and five-star reviews in this book. As a result, expect a lot of four and five-star reviews in this book. But thanks to the reviews we’ve seen, you will have the best options! You are entitled to nothing less.

Why Is Taking Your Phone With You A Good Idea?

For safety reasons, it may be tempting to leave your phone at home. But, there are some benefits to having it with you on the road. Also for safety concerns, but also other reasons:

  • The ability to make emergency calls if necessary, as well as music to keep you going.
  • Without a GPS watch, you can keep track of your time, distance, and other stats.
  • You’ll be able to save notes, send messages, and set reminders while on the road.


Armbands come in many styles, the most common of which is the armband for carrying a phone. The majority of the brands discussed in this post work with a specific set of phones.

However, the armband can carry practically any phone with a screen size up to 7 inches in some cases. We’re confident that if you consider the styles and features, you will choose your ideal purchase.

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