Why an Elliptical Is GREAT For Weight Loss

Is Elliptical Good for Weight Loss?

If you want to lose weight, one of the best pieces of equipment you can use in the gym to help you achieve this goal is an elliptical trainer.

The elliptical machine is a low-impact solution that can be used by almost anyone to help with weight loss.

It provides a full-body workout that also helps to improve cardiovascular endurance.

As compared to other aerobic exercise machines such as stationary bikes and treadmills, you can burn more calories and lose weight with elliptical machines, which offer several benefits.

To burn fat and minimize the risk of injury, good posture and adequate workout strength are necessary for elliptical trainers, as for other machines.

That’s why we are describing how effective the elliptical trainer is for people who want to lose weight.

Burns Calories Faster

Running on an elliptical machine burns a lot of calories faster than any other workout machine in the gym.

If you weigh 125 pounds, you can burn as much as 335 calories, while if you weigh 155 pounds, you can burn 270 calories in just half an hour on an elliptical machine.

Imagine burning that many calories every half an hour just by working out on that machine.

It is also important to remember that exercise is only one component of losing calories while working out.

You should also monitor what you are eating to reduce calorie intake while also increasing your consumption of healthy foods.

Improves Stamina and Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardio exercise is necessary for a balanced workout routine.

Your heart and lungs will have to work harder when you do cardiovascular exercises to provide more blood and oxygen to your muscles.

An elliptical trainer helps you get a balanced aerobic workout that can make your back, lungs, and muscles stronger.

Also, this machine can help you build your endurance and strength. High-intensity exercise, as well as constant state workout routines, can be done using an elliptical trainer.

Providing an Upper- and Lower-Body Workout

One of the few exercise machines that can provide you with both an upper- and lower-body workout is an elliptical machine with handles.

The trick to optimizing the advantages of the upper body is to evenly distribute the weight and resistance.

In other words, just as easily as you shift your hands, raise your muscles.

It is necessary to spread the resistance between your upper and lower body to get the full benefit of the dual-action workout.

Most people who exercise on an elliptical trainer set place pressure on their lower bodies and go only through the upper handlebar.

When done correctly, the elliptical can target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, and core muscles.

Create a Low-Impact Workout for Joints

While you are running or doing other high-impact aerobic workouts, the elbows, feet, hips, and other joints can take a beating.

This method provides a low-impact form of aerobic exercise because the feet rarely come off the ground with an elliptical.

For example, any step in walking or running causes the body to cramp. Runners are recommended to impact their body weight up to 2.5 times.

This hurts not only the knees but also the lower back. While the impact of walking is less, the elliptical is still easier.

Improves Balance and Maintains Fitness

Elliptical trainers can also help your bones become stronger and can improve your balance.

They will strengthen your core muscles and work on your balance if you stand up straight and let go of the elliptical handles.

Make sure that the resistance and pitch are set at a manageable level so that the elliptical machine can be used comfortably without using the handles.

Running on an elliptical can be a great way to build or preserve your health if you are battling an injury and are unable to participate in your regular physical activities.

Also, because of its low-impact activity, it puts less tension on your knees than high-impact exercises, such as running or jumping.

Not training for a long time on an elliptical will help you recover the full range of motion.

It can also help strengthen the muscles and joints while decrease pain from the area if it has been injured.

Enjoyable and Easy to Use for Beginners

Generally, elliptical machines offer a wide range of demo exercise routines that imitate hill-climbing, international training, and other personalized choices to enable you to get all the forms of exercise that you want.

Also, one of the benefits of an elliptical is that learning how to use it doesn’t take long.

The training process for this tool is quite straightforward. If you haven’t used one before, you might want to ask a personal trainer for advice.

In just a matter of minutes, you can get to know the machine easily.

Exercises to Help You Lose Weight on an Elliptical Machine

There are several styles of workouts that you can do on an elliptical machine to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Here are some of them.

Forwards and Backwards Routine

This practice includes flipping between forward-moving and backward-moving activities.

For a greater challenge, you can build up the overall amount of time or add movements to your routine.

Incline Workout Routine

This workout includes raising the elliptical incline to increase the resistance to the exercises.

Start slowly and gradually increase the amount of time before attempting the next level at a particular incline.

Fast-Paced and High-Intensity Training

This type of exercise includes short bursts of intensive training with longer resistance intervals.

You could raise the incline and accelerate for 20–30 seconds, then reduce your speed for 60–90 seconds and repeat.


Fitness equipment such as elliptical trainers can help strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles while improving your stamina and balance, as well as helping you lose weight.

If you have joint problems or want to improve or preserve your health after an injury, it’s also a great alternative.

For many people, the dual-action workout makes an elliptical trainer so attractive.

If you haven’t used an elliptical trainer check out your nearest fitness equipment shop now.

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